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A class action is a type of lawsuit in which a number of plaintiffs join together to sue a common defendant responsible for their harm. Class actions require approval from a judge who makes certain the class action will adequately address the injuries suffered by each plaintiff. Class actions are routine in actions against large drug corporations and are becoming increasingly common with regard to the anti-depressant drug Cymbalta. Former Cymbalta users across the United States are asserting their legal rights against the drug maker for failing to adequately warn about the likelihood of the onset of suicidal thoughts or tendencies upon discontinuation of this drug. Known as Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome, members of class actions are suing Eli Lily for medical expenses or lost wages incurred as a result of suffering from the withdrawal effects and subsequent additional treatment needed to combat the symptoms. For more information about a Cymbalta class action lawsuit, contact a Cymbalta lawyer right away.

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